Indian Head Massage

indian-head-massageIndian head massage includes massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It provides relief from headaches, stress and insomnia as well as improving posture. Traditional massage techniques passed down from generations help to improve the condition of the skin and hair and promote a calmer sense of well-being.


Indian Head Massage – £40 (40 mins)





“I used to suffer with terrible migraines, I am currently taking medication to reduce the severity of them but I also have a regular back & shoulder/ Indian Head massage with Jayne. I find this really beneficial as it reduces built up tension and the headaches/migraines have become less frequent. I also had a period where I had problems sleeping; I had some hypnotherapy session with Jayne to help with that. Jayne gave me some techniques to use at night which have worked successfully. I would certainly recommend Jayne to anyone for any massage treatments or hypnotherapy; she is a very pleasant, friendly person!”
– W. Brooks, Doncaster